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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Collateral – Keep You & Your Business Protected!

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We know that many businesses are facing unexpected challenges right now, including keeping employees and clients safe, so we wanted to share a few things we are doing to help you get ahead of these challenges and Stop the Spread!

We are introducing our COVID Collateral. With an unlimited amount of potential and the ability to customize our products and designs specific to you and your market, we are able to create exactly what you need!

Social Distancing Stickers & Decals for COVID-19

Stickers & Decals are the perfect media to show your support for our essential workers, Spread the word to Stay Safe, Stay Home, and Stay Vegas Strong, and to help encourage customers, clients and guests to maintain an acceptable social distance to STOP THE SPREAD. 

Stickers & Decals are customizable and can range in size and shape.

Stickers are printed on premium 70 lb. Crack-n-Peel paper looks great and is very durable. Can be a standard or custom shape. Stickers are not intended for outdoor use.

Decals can be applied to almost any surface: Floors, Walls, Vehicles, Tabletops or Windows depending on your need and come in a variety of papers, vinyls, finishes, sizes and shapes.

Posters for COVID-19

Posters can be used to share your new hours of operations with your customers, outline necessary safety guidelines that your business and employees are following to keep everyone safe, and/or advertise and support your local businesses.

Posters are available in a tremendous range of sizes and fast turnarounds. Our posters will prove to be some of the best examples of our printing quality.

Plexiglass Shields for COVID-19

Plexiglass Shields can be made in a variety of sizes and formats. Use these shields to help safeguard employee and customer and create a safe distance for all transactions that must be made. Our Smart Plexiglass Shields are completely customizable to fit your area, and also include your message and logo.

As many businesses are opening back up and inviting the public through their doors, you and your employees can feel protected as well as helping the public to feel as tho you took those much needed safety measures by ensuring the safety of everyone who must interact on a daily basis at your place of business.

Home Office Backdrops for Work From Home During COVID-19

As Zoom Meetings, FaceTime Updates, and Google Video Chats becomes the standard protocol for everyone who is working from home, sometimes the chaos of your everyday life spills onto your screen. Most of us do not have a dedicated home office set up and ready to go in this strange new time. Setting the scene is easy to do with a customizable Home Office Backdrop Banner. We can print them in a variety of sizes to fit your space and make sure that your future Video Conferences make you look like you have this work from home thing polished and ready for the media!

Bring on all the Video-calls, let us take care of your backdrop and so you can worry about wardrobe! – Hmm, do you need to put on pants today?

Signage, Banners, & A-Frames for COVID-19

Now that you are opening your doors, updating your website, reworking your menu, and adjusting your employee schedules, you want to be sure everyone is ready for business as usual! Use an A-Frame sign to help your customers learn your steps and phases of opening, or post up that banner with your new hours. Maybe you just need a small sign stating that all customers need to wear a face mask to enter. No matter your needs, we will be happy to work with you and your business to create, print and even install (if necessary) any signage you may need.

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